Monday, April 28, 2014

The Wooden Tongue of a Racist

Donald Sperling, the filthy rich owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, was secretly taped ranting and raging at his mistress for posting photos on Instagram posing with men of color. Famous men of color. Unfortunately for that unattractive human being, his poisonous words were leaked to the press.

With the spotlight of the media bringing his ignorant mind into the light, a public outcry has erupted. His hurtful "plantation slave owner" mentality has been stinging to the dignity of the African-American population, but great good will come of his unvarnished prejudices. No longer can the American zeitgeist of racism be swept under the carpet, that stinking cloth lining which forms the underbelly of our social fabric. 

We ought to celebrate the utter stupidity and grotesque racism of Donald Sperling. Thanks to him, perhaps a new level of awareness and decency will rise up to the surface, like cream in milk. 

Only one question remains. No one has bothered to point out that he has a wife and a mistress. Could it be that the boy's club transcends all racial boundaries?

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