Monday, April 21, 2014

The Future of Now

An inquiring person once asked a wise man what he "saw" for her in the future. Instead of using his prodigious intuitive and visionary skills, he replied, "Look at what you are doing now, and you know what your future is."

Of course we all know that life can take the most unexpected twists and turns. Tragedies of infinite variations strike the good people; health and wealth can be the boon of greedy, nasty people.  People can also win the lottery or get discovered in a bar & grill. However, karma usually manifests in more logical and understandable forms, i.e. you reap what you sow.

Setting aside those inexplicable lightening bolts that change our lives for better or for worse, the mindset/actions of an individual matter greatly. Whether through education, prayer, dreams, visions, or common horse sense, personal motivation flings us like an arrow from the taut bow into the trajectory of our lives.

A fail-safe motivation for any set of actions is a wish for the highest and greatest good of all. Since the intricacies of the karmic tapestry are too vast for comprehension, the best prayer is the one that covers all bases without ego-centric motivation.

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