Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dream Lover

We sleep about one-third of our lives away, quite literally (although some people dream 100% of their lives away metaphorically speaking). That beings said, dreams occurring during what is conventionally called "sleep" can become an important component of our experience while in human body. 

A supplement called 5-HTP, often taken to boost serotonin levels and a precursor to L-Tryptophan (which is now banned by the FDA) causes drowsiness when taken in larger doses

And here is where the good news comes in for insomniacs, nervous people who wake up a lot at night, or people whose bladders can't wait until the morning. It is a great way to insure a deep, long night's sleep when taken in sufficient quantities.

Aside from the benefits of a good night's sleep, 5-HTP stimulates dreaming as a potential side effect. As I fall into all categories of the above sleep-deprived, this non-prescription remedy has been a godsave for me, excepting in one area. It is supposed to aid in reduction of appetite and weight loss which, alas, is not one of its effects on me.

However, the dream-stimulating side effect of 5-HTP has roared into my body chemistry like gangbusters; my dream body now partakes in sagas of historically long proportions. Since I don't want to be totally unconscious and unaware for 1/3 of my life, dreaming all night long, thanks to 5-HTP, has been a great boon.

So last night, I was of a young, marriageable age encountering a bright blued-eyed young man of beautiful countenance. He seemed to like me, but at the same time gave off other subtle clues that he might be relationship adverse. The bitter-sweet angst and euphoria that carried on throughout my night time slumber had one great effect upon waking this morning.

Whatever the bodily aches and pains of the aging body, one thing is for sure. The emotional aches and pains of those young and possibly in love (or not) are no picnic either. So, titillating as it was to have spent the night in a quasi-love affair with a blue-eyed angel circa age 28, I am happy to say that in the waking hours - security, romance, and fulfillment are a dream come true. Even if I now qualify for Medicare.

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