Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mindfulness Can Happen to Anyone

Sooner or later, the paradigm of mindful awareness can creep into even the most unaware person. It only takes repetition in the mainstream of the collective consciousness, via information tributaries, to chip away at a mindset as thick as encrusted lava.

A very sweet man, with whom I have been lawfully living for 30 years, always chills his mind/body via long hikes through nature. It's true that the brain chemicals emit lovely good-vibes juices throughout the body when one exercises. Mother Nature also gives forth the vibration of life force and equanimity (when she isn't in a bad mood and sends hurricanes, tornedos, tsunamis and earthquakes). So yes, hiking in nature is a form of meditation and creates a buffer from soul draining phenomenon such as electric-magnetic waves via computers and cell towers.

However, what if one were unable to walk? Or too old to trip off into the mountains for some fresh air? What if one were on their deathbed but not dead yet - in need of equanimity and peace?

Herein lie the benefits of mindful awareness. The sweet man usually gets up earlier than me and makes his breakfast. Knowing that every little sound reverberates throughout the house, he asks me today if his oatmeal-making ceremony has awakened me, to which I reply, "No." He then shares an astonishing fact. He is making the cooking experience a Zen exercise in mindful awareness; moving quietly, slowly, silently, intent on gentleness at every second.

Having been a practitioner of meditation for some 45 years, this information he shares gives me great joy. Now all that is needed is for me to acquire his habit of daily exercise and my world will be in balance. 

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