Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Weeping Grandfather

Most often, weeping is associated with an outpouring of grief; a  logical, customary and normal reaction. Weeping out of gratitude is also easy to explain; a person who has been on the brink of starvation, abandonment, death, or any other calamity and has been saved by a fortuitous event also cries because they can let down their guard and release the fear and pain.

But less common is the person who weeps because of a joyful event. This requires more careful examination. Would not human emotions of joy be limited to expressions such as laughter? Clapping? Dancing? Singing? Why do people cry with joy?

Although weddings are the most common venue where people weep (and for good reason - they know what's coming), a more interesting example caught my attention: a video of an 50 plus man whose daughter tells him she is pregnant by giving him a binky-pacifier with a telling note.

After the expected surprise and delight (she must have been married with an income that supports a newbie - otherwise why would he be happy), the grandfather starts to tear up. And tear up more. And then the floodgates open as he sits in the diner booth, where the suprise was delivered unto him, and weeps uncontrollably.


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