Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Fable About Grace

Once upon a time there was a noble boy whose heart was very sad. From the earliest age, the sounds in his household were not those of melodious coos of love, but harsh, angry words hurled by adults trapped in a downward spiraling illusion.

He grew into his teenage years valiantly trying to carry the good that he knew lay somewhere under the turbulence of negative emotions. But with the pressures of adulthood nearing and his raging hormones spinning forth a vortex of mixed emotions, he broke down. Carrying the burden of pained adults was one he could not longer bear.

For over a decade, the young man wandered through the wilderness, clutching his golden bejeweled crown close to his chest. Wild tempests whipped his water-drenched royal purple robes and his curly locks lay plastered against his face, drenched by torrents of rain.

One day, the young man saw a large rock by the ocean, and climbed upon it. Gazing out at the sea, he saw the sun rising on the horizon, kissing the earth with is life-giving warmth.
Peace descended over his being and he knew the healing power of the sun.

Enlivened by the sun's radiance that penetrated the depths of his cellular memory, he climbed down from the rock and began walking the lands. The radiance of the sun's rays penetrated all those he met. He carried the sun within and all was well at last.

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