Friday, April 25, 2014

Protection By Prayer

Would you march into armed conflict clad only in a pair of shorts, tee shirt and flip flops? Or would you prefer to be protected with combat fatigues, bullet proof vests and all the other armour available to modern man (although those iron cages used by combatant Knights the Middle Ages must have been hell in and of themselves). The answer is obvious: safety first, although it would be an oxymoron to term anything safe when it comes to warfare.

Another type of battlefield exists in the multi-dimensional universe, where psychic-energetic-spirit beings play out an invisible gottcha game with dull humans. As the wheel of samsara turns endlessly, many of us come ill-prepared for this more sublte battle, assuming that what you can't see won't hurt you.

Shamans, priests, lamas, mystics and all other variations of religious expression all pay homage to the forces of protection. Just as you wouldn't leave your doors unlocked with a sign that reads, "Robbers welcome," so must we protect our psychic doors.

Blessing all beings, wishing them love, peace, and abundance of all kinds, is one of the best protections since the dawn of time. With the golden light of goodness emanating from our prayers, motivations, good acts and wishes for the well-being of all, we are well armed to go forth into life as we know it on planet earth.

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