Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Easter Bunny: Rated NC17

This blog's content is banned for anyone who still believes in the Easter Bunny, because it would destroy the beauty of childhood dreams and magic. And lord knows, keeping dreams and magic alive makes the world go round.

As my little down arrow whizzed through the News Feed on Facebook, it passed a video about a rabbit. So the second finger of my right hand stopped and pressed play. That was a mistake, it seems. So the second action of my pointer finger was to press pause, rapidly, when the contents of the video rolled forth.

A rabbit was being skinned alive for its snow white fur; pinned down on a low table and spreadeagled to allow for a perfect pelt to be lifted off its tender skin. 

It's hard to describe my gut reaction. Firstly, there was no way that image was going to be implanted in my brain for the rest of eternity if it keep playing on my computer screen. Secondly, my mind just couldn't quite grasp the concept that anyone would be so amazingly cruel to skin an animal alive. Bad enough that it might be killed for its fur, but "the shortcut" was inexcusable, a sin against the very essence of life.

Something about the innocence of animals makes cruelty against them terribly painful. I hate to admit it, but the vision of that animal pinned down felt worse than the many images I have seen of humans murdered or mutilated (although the sight of a person being skinned alive would be unbearable as well).

Is it because human beings have the potential of transcendence, no matter what has come to pass in their lives? Do animals have that ability as well?

If Christ died for our sins, he might have died in vain, because the human creature is still sinning big time two thousand years later.

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