Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Neutral Zone

The normal mindset, if one can designate anyone's mind as normal, consists of a light speed flow of thoughts that have a negative or positive spin. This simply means that those little fluttering ideas either have a downer or upper effect on our mood, physical well being, and ultimately our entire spiritual condition.

Another interesting spot in this dance of polarity is the zero point, or neutral zone, where a certain silence, stillness, in-the-now neutrality lives and breathes. Rare it is for the workaday mind to rest in this space when it comes without effort - a strange but peaceful phenomenon.

What? I'm not revving myself on coffee to power through the papers, emails, dishes, office meetings, day care, or any of the multitude of things a human being has to do to live a life (at least in Los Angeles). I'm just floating downstairs, calmly moving through the requisite items with no electrical charges firing me into the depressed or the excited mode. 

I take a mental inventory and my mind just won't rev into any gear other than neutral. Hmmm. OK. Feels relaxed. Relaxing. Relaxing again and again and again. My habituated, conditioned mindset wants to fight this feeling but it has no power against the strong tide moving through physical matter. Ah yes, being in the zone. Appreciate the "what is", cause the "what is" is always changing into another "what is" and who knows what that "what is" will be except we can know with certainty that it will be another now.

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