Friday, April 4, 2014

Psychics Anonymous

A flurry of videos have popped up on You Tube since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370, posted by psychics and hypnotists who claim to know what happened to the disappeared jet. One of the most interesting was an Indian guru, known as a subconscious memory and soul healing expert.

"Soul healing" could be a bit dicey to define, given that the soul is not a quantifiable aspect of human consciousness and some philosophical and religious systems don't recognize that we humans even have one. (The extra-sensory part of our being is defined with other terminologies.)

However, hypnosis has been widely studied, and although it is not a fool-proof method for determining "facts," it has been demonstrated to bring forth remarkable behaviors, insights, and memories from the hypnotized.

The video of the Indian guru gleaning information from two hypnotized people was riveting; one of the people demonstrated such emotionality as she described people drowning in the submerged jet that I had to press pause and then fast forward past her description of dying people. She is either an academy award winning actress or was really tapping into the fate of those passengers.

Apart from the actual demonstration, however, the most interesting aspect of all these videos was the vitriol expressed in the Comments section of the You Tube videos.
Psychics, soul retrievers, hypnotists and mediums beware! You have a lot of haters out there.

It might be interesting, however, to poll psychics of the world as to where the missing jet has landed. With the cost of one planeload of fuel to look for ocean debris, some computer analyst could come up with the most frequently mentioned scenarios, sifting out the most absurd (such as the plane was teleported to Arcturus), and then use that data as well as high tech gizmos.

Why not? Anyone with deep pockets out there ready for the experiment?

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