Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Garden of Delights

Only the most hard-boiled misanthrope would scoff at the sight of a baby something-or-other, whether it be a human baby, kitten, puppy, infant elephant or even a delicate newborn caterpillar.

Some of this universal delight can be attributed to the innocence and vulnerability of the young, who are defenseless and nonthreatening. They have not yet been taught egotistical behaviors (in the case of humans) or predatory behaviors (in the case of beasts). And last but not least, "miniatures" have always held a certain fascination, so a mini-rhino, mini-giraffe, or mini-snail seem ever so precious.

However, these cute little things get big and far less adorable; downright expensive and hard to maintain (elephants, lions, and St. Bernards included). But one divine creation that only gives as it grows is a plant. Yes, they do need attention depending on their species, but they are the bounty of Mother Earth.

This spring, tiny green leaves unfurl from a bare brown tree branch, a frothy chartreuse display of delicacy. A pale blue-green lobe spouts from a dormant succulent, peeking out from the remains of its dried up ancestor.

Renewal: the surge of life force that brings a smile to the heart and a sense of well-being in the moment.


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