Friday, April 4, 2014

Aging Yuppies Unite!

A number of decades ago, way back in the 1980's, social scientists made up the word "cocooning" to describe the nesting habits of Yuppies. In the brave new world of home computers, burgeoning take-out food menu options and DVD's, happy couples stayed at home instead of going out for fine dining and entertainment. After all, why go out for "it" when "it" could come to you?

Years later, in the distant future of now, aging Yuppies are discovering the antipode of cocooning, and that be community. Sure, we could all stay home snuggling under our favorite polar-tech blanket selecting movies from our flat screen wonderland of choices, but - been there, done that.

What really rocks my socks now is the sweet joy of people joining together for the sheer pleasure of human interaction. We need each other for cross pollination - a different sort than the internet-of-all-things can offer up. The mere fact that we are alive, can walk and talk, have gas in the car, food to eat, children who have grown up to be good people, all the sweet things life offers...what a pleasure to share.

And when one in the community of friends falters, love rises up to support a flagging soul. Truly we are gifted people with gifted lives in a lull of history where all is well. Perhaps it is simply the calm before the storm, but what else is there to do but enjoy, even as we baton down the hatches for old age, sickness and death.

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