Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pop Quizz: What is JSOC?

1) Judaica Society of Cantors

2) Just Simply Offer Cannabis

3) Justice System of Crimea

4) Joint Special Operations Command

If you answered either 1-3, you get an "F" for faked out. The real JSOC is an elite counter-terrorist wing of the US government that reports solely to the White House, although it has been known to co-ordinate with the CIA, military, and local law enforcement worldwide, including warlords in countries like Somalia, who appreciate the deep pockets of Uncle Sam when deciding to whom their loyalty resides.

JSOC operates with impunity and metes out punishment with little regard for the collateral damage often inflicted in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Collateral damage is a wonderful term, by the way, for sanitizing and desensitizing the public and the military to the shameful and tragic loss of innocent life and property. Regular soldiers, however, who have committed the collateral damage under inaccurate orders, seem to be having a hard time with PTSD.

With covert operations in 75 countries to date, the elite force operates with no checks and balances except presidential whim.

Folks, if you think we live in a society where the law protects you, think again. Under the guise of national security, our civil rights have been grievously eroded. Maybe this is not news to the average African-American male, but those who only turn on TV news will never know the truth.

While I am not a fan of those who steal national security data and broadcast it to the world, there is a point to be made. If the average citizen does not make it his or her duty to become aware of what lies beneath the surface, we risk being led deeply astray.

Awake and aware; without cultivating these qualities, the lessons could be painful on many levels.

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