Sunday, November 27, 2016

My Conversion to Dumb and Dumber

Escapism has always seemed like a strange phenomenon; a denial of reality where one purposely and willfully checks out of a here and now situation into a land of make-believe, while fully aware that the return to the untenable and unbearable is unavoidable.

During the Great Depression, many businesses went belly-up; in small towns with desolate storefronts, the one remaining functional operation was the local movie theater, a source of refuge from the horror of a society collapsing in on itself.

Now the function of fantasy-fare has taken root in my day to day life. No more documentaries on the Third Reich or genocide in Rwanda grace my screen. I search for romantic comedies, culture-clash comedies - in short anything that does not require serious thought or provokes probing questions on the nature of existence.

Escapism has become my friend and now I know why crappy, corny, silly, low brow movies do so well. Prospective filmmakers, gird your loins. It's time to descend into mindless pablum that the masses will need as the insanity of Rumpland takes hold.


Friday, November 25, 2016

Love Thine Enemy Like Thyself

In this period between President-elect status and the inauguration of King Rump, all sorts of rationalizations are taking place.

"Give him a chance."

"Have an open mind."

"He'll govern differently than the rhetoric-laced policies he eschewed on the campaign trail."

"Put a photo of him on your altar" (the worst suggestion so far).

Unbridled contempt and negativity help no one but there seems to be a basic naievity in the above postures. True, incessant whining and griping is a downer for everyone; to hurl counter-insults at King Rump and his kind in the hopes of out-sliming the slime merely engenders self-sliming.

Having an open mind, in my scenario, is being awake and aware to "the what is," which is in fact a hostile takeover of the US government. Adolph Hitler began his Holocaust with words. Organized killing came much later in the game, long after Hitler had thoroughly soaked his minions with hate-speech.

Where in Rump's picks is there any indication that we have none other than a far-right government grabbing the reins? And why would us lambs think that a Justice Department, run by the rabids, would not be the handmaiden of hate legally enshrined?

We are just descending in the fire of ignorance and chaos run amok. In the short term we may lose nothing; in the long term the Age of Ice and Fire has commenced.

Monday, November 21, 2016

The New 911

Since election day (our new 911), a creeping surrealism seeps through the airwaves as King Rump's cabinet picks are trumpeted via a larger than life flat screen. A toxic smog fills every molecule of perceptual reality during waking moments; as nightfall settles in, bedtime is met with eager anticipation as slumber becomes the refuge from this hell-in-the-making.

A mantra oft heard now - a country divided - is actually not accurate. Most presidential elections disenfranchise approximately half the voters, but in this case the divide is not between Republicans and Democrats but between the blind and the depressed.

Why did almost half of this First World country choose to ignore irrational behavior, lies, threats, deceit, fraud, and predatory behavior? Even the false news stories couldn't hold a candle to what came straight out of King Rump's black hole of a mouth.

The refusal of intelligent, educated people to see the dangers of this madman are not only troubling but mystifying. What has happened to common sense of half of the United States?

For those who choose to keep their eyes open and  recognize a red flag when it is waved in front of their nose, start revving up the engines. A long fight lies ahead...not one of violence, not one of weapons, but a battle for the heart and soul of humanity.

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Slow-Moving Coup

In the two year period of single motherhood
between marriage #1 and and marriage #2, I dated one of the White brothers from the famed band Earth, Wind & Fire. Apart from a friendship that eventually surpassed romance, one thing stands out. Said boyfriend gazed into the air and remarked that in the 21st century there would be a Fascist takeover of the American government.

His comment seared into my brain and has remained in the forefront for over 30 years. What we see now is a full-fledged coup that brought to power a candidate with an extreme right-wing agenda. His appointment of Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist was only the first of horrific picks, all of them either members of the extreme right and/or amoral men of great personal ambition.

The FBI stepped into the election process to inflict maximum damage to Hillary Clinton. The Russians hacked Democratic party member emails and released them on Wikileaks (and the content was pablum compared to the dealings of King Rump over the decades). This is called sabotage at the highest levels and cannot be underestimated.

Hitler was democratically elected and drew huge crowds. The Big Lie brought unimaginable suffering to the entire planet. Although Hillary Clinton in fact won the popular vote, our electoral college system, the brainchild of the slave states intended to weight the game in their favor, has also insured that when the people speak a.k.a. giving Hillary Clinton a majority, their voices will be squelched.

Our democracy has been imperiled at various junctures of history and we are entering another time of heightened danger and a waning of the Light. The only solution at the moment is to get our own houses in order so that when we act it can be with precision and clarity for maximum effect.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Blind Pigs

Please excuse this disparaging titular reference to pigs because they are divinely sensitive creatures. In the current lexicon, however, they are a symbol of smut.

I can't bear to listen to Fox News for its uber-right wing rhetoric, nor do I listen to MSNBC with its more liberal agenda, even though my sentiments echo the later.

CNN is my choice because it is a centrist channel which airs both the right wing sycophants of King Rump and the Democrits. My preference tends toward soaking in a range of opinions without being completely dipped into the shit of Fox or the safe haven of MSNBC.

Hold on though - safe haven? Well, this is where the blind pig analogy begins to settle in. Almost no one in the media is addressing the point that King Rump's ascendency is based on lies, repeated so often and with such a vituperative pitch that the masses took it in as truth. The mainstream media seems to ignore this lethally effective tactic that was a ploy straight out of Adolph Hitler's playbook.

It goes without saying that it serves the Democrats and the American people (who voted in a majority for Hillary Clinton) to retool an approach that forms a massive push-back to our neo-fascist government. As Bernie Sanders tweeted, if the Rump agenda continues to foment hate, "we will be your worst nightmare." Go Bernie.

And so, as the media asks the Democrats to contemplate their navel, let's not be lulled into the illusion that it was their fault. Just as the rise of Hitler poisoned Germany and the land of Johann Sebastian Bach, let us not be poisoned with the idea that we failed in any one strategic error. Hillary Clinton was sabotaged by Russian leaks delivered by their handmaiden Wikileaks. The American people were sabotaged by the director of the FBI, the handmaiden of Rudy Guiliani and King Rump and more aptly, the neo-con agenda for world domination.

Islamic caliphate, you have a problem. The Fascists have their eye on the prize too.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

King Liar Ascends the Throne

On the eve of Rump's election, a media commentator said that she hoped the character Donald Rump created in his campaign for "effect" is not the person he will be as president. Another person on the panel reminded us that who he represented himself to be is indeed who he is. Rump's victory speech was none other than that of a wolf in sheep's clothing lulling the flock into complacency.

Commentators are all talking about what Clinton did wrong to lose the election. They are missing the point. Donald Rump perpetrated The Big Lie. He rallied an ignorant and uninformed base with lies so big and bold that his toxic brew found a cancercous spot in which to rest in the American body.

Perhaps the most disturbing are the people I know in my daily life - many with Master's Degrees - who were as woefully uninformed as that "basket of deplorables" a.k.a. the KKK. Why did these educated Californias join with the Far Right to support Rump?

Hillary Clinton just remarked in her concession speech that we need to approach a Rump presidency with an open mind - and she offered her help. She is a class act but the subterfuge that has dogged her for decades seems to be so alive and well.

With a Republican Congress and President, and with a Supreme Court to be restocked, we will see a reversal of many the laws and programs that protect human rights. Our only choice is to never lose heart, to continue to press for the rights of all, and know that nothing ever stays the same, for better or worse.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Need to Be Needed

Recently, the Dalai Lama published an OpEd piece in the New York Times that caught my attention, although that's not peculiar as I regard him as the most sane person on the planet. He wrote that we all have the need to be needed. Infants need caregivers as a matter of life or death, but as they grow into childhood and beyond, if they feel useless or unseen, an acute pain will grown in their hearts and minds. At the other end of the spectrum, the elderly often feel pushed aside, not appreciated for their life experience, and discarded even while the body yet breathes life.

Buddhist philosophy exhorts the individual to perform actions to benefit all beings, with the inference that at our best we are "givers" and not "needers." Yet, the Dalai Lama pointed out the pathos of human existence. Unless we understand that we are an vital part of the universal sphere, that we are very much needed to create a kinder reality, it is like being cast out to sea in a boat with no rudder.

In short, we need each other desperately. The parts are more than the sum of the whole and to be whole, all of us has a part in this drama called "life."

Monday, October 31, 2016

Don't Let the Propaganda Machine Eat You

I came of age in the 1960's. In my twelfth year on earth, I experienced what it was like to be a minority when I represented the local teen chapter of the N.A.A.C.P. at their National Convention - the sole white face in a sea of dark-skinned people. My parents took me to the march on Washington at the age of fourteen to hear Martin Luther King Jr. deliver his "I Have a Dream" speech; at the time, no one dreamed that it would become the quintessential speech of the 20th century. In college, I marched on the Pentagon to protest the expansion of the Vietnam War into Cambodia and felt noxious tear gas burn the lungs and blind the eyes. And the night Nixon was elected, I was rounded up at a demonstration in Times Square and felt the boot of a policeman connect with my backside, turning my body into a blue-jeaned projectile hurtling into the paddy wagon.

Then and now, lobbying for progressive change meets with serious headwinds from those who lack empathy for "the other," not realizing that the viability of the parts effect the efficacy of the whole. However, this election season presents an ominous vein threading through the national psyche and my heart is heavy with fear - could it happen here? Could this unbalanced demagogue with an unbridled propaganda machine possibly lure the American people into his insanity?

A good many millions of the electorate support Donald Trump, a man who has shown himself to be a propagandist of extraordinary magnitude. No untruth is too bold to propagate, no idea too outlandish to declare as fact.

Whether one be a conservative or a liberal, unleashing this man on the world stage would be a serious setback for humanity. With a new wrinkle in the election season - an unprecedented bid by the Republican F.B.I. chief to derail Hillary Clinton at the eleventh hour, what was obvious has become painfully underscored.

There is indeed "a vast right-wing conspiracy" to take down the Democratic party and cement an agenda that turns back our human rights. For those who object to Hillary Clinton, just image the alternative. To invoke several platitudes, life does not exist in black and white and the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. To ignore the obvious at this juncture in history would be a grave error. As for me, I can only pray the sanity prevails.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Impregating Thoughts

Long gone are the days when one could click on a You Tube video and get content immediately. Popular sites now monetize their wares with advertisements that let you "skip ad" in 4 seconds to get to the beef; in some cases a full 14 seconds of advertisements must be endured.

This trend leads me to contemplate the very nature of advertising. Why would a business allott their hard won dineros for an intangible thought form to be tossed into the general population in the hopes that the great washed will flock to their doors?

Because - spoken words coupled with visual images have a sneaky way of wiggling into neuronal pockets of the brain to live on and subconsciously bug us with their presence. Capitalists long ago understood this, so much so that our news and television shows are really just an entertaining break from commercials.

If advertising can influence us in their brief moment on a screen or radio, then what could a friend, parent, relative or boss do to our brain with a repeated onslaught of messages? If they are positive we will get a healthy individual. If the messages are mixed we get a conflicted individual. It they are negative, we get a sorely troubled individual.

Thus warned, it behooves us to express ourselves with life-affirming words, sentences and paragraphs. "Life-affirming" does not connote idiot compassion but rather a way of being-ness that seeks to bring about harmony and peace. Given the unenlightened nature of humankind, this may seem like a pie-in-the-sky idea. Luckily, enough sages and saints also walk this earth lighting the path to a more sane existence.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Mirror of Self

Every individual sees the world from a subjective vantage point. How could it be otherwise? We have only our five senses (in some cases six or more) which inform our interpretation of the world and its kingdoms of near-infinite variety.

Moment by moment we are presented with a landslide of choices as to how we will perceive and process incoming information. How we will then craft "the story," based on a selective process, is colored by past experience. What gets accentuated and what gets filtered out become uniquely our own reality and version of "the truth," relative though it may be. 

Sadly, ego-centric minds will slant their version of reality to fit self-serving drives which usually trump "the other." Fortunately, there do exist human beings capable of understanding the interdependent and dynamic nature of our being-ness -  even if that mind is biased by an intricate pattern of filters called the gene pool that stretches from the dawn of time into nowness.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

As a staunch left-of-center humanitarian, the right wing of the Republican party has my blood boiling over or running cold, depending on their policy du jour. However, as the old Arab saying goes, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

I will admit, albeit sheepishly, that it seems most (and I mean most, not all) of the Republican right wing actually have a ground-level sense of decency - NOT when when it comes to their Taliban-style agenda against Planned Parenthood - NOT when they appoint Supreme Court Justices who strip away civil rights so hard fought - NOT in general - but simply because many of them are not "nuts," even when their legislation is ignorant of what grows a harmonious human community.

Caring for one's young is not a sign of great compassion. It is an inbred genetic response held by lions, bears and ants. So when Trump is lauded for his love of the Trump children, let's face it. His animal instincts are working just hunky-dor-ily.

Americans of all stripes are holding their collective breath. We might elect a nouveau-Mussolini, in which case world chaos will erupt. Or, the first woman president could hold office. Despite her ability to be rather tone-deaf herself (and a former Goldwater supporter), at the very least our Supreme Court will go on to reflect human values. Pray pray pray for the Light my friends.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hello Russia!

The current bru-ha-ha-ha in the news is the collusion of Trump's campaign manager P.M.with the Russian-backed President of the Ukraine who fled to Russia after being deposed. 

Trump has a penchant for Eastern European babes who are the descendants of Communist block parents/grandparents. He also gives Putin an "A" for leadership (love the man-boobs on the horse photo). Thus, it is no wonder that a bizarre form of glasnost is blooming like a noxious weed in the heat of summer.

I myself have ethnic roots in the Ukraine, Georgia (of the Mongolian area), Lithuania, Russia and Poland. I get the Eastern European-Russian vibe entirely, but derived from the Jewish strand; the pogrom-makers of the realm remain a mystifying puzzle of hatred. 

Putin has said he would welcome better relations with the US. Surely, all world leaders must strive to unite as a global family with the benefit of mankind as the top priority. Yet, if the goal is to join forces to form a "gang" that overwhelms the unsuspecting or weaker forces, then these relations are not "better" but dangerous.

Wise-guys have been made popular in the cinema for the caricatures they embody. Wise-guys in real life are a nightmare. So Russia, if you are listening or reading emails or this blog, know that this America would love to see a real glastnost and perestroika - not the collusion of thugs.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The 450 Pound Gorilla

Harambe, the rare 450 pound gorilla, lived in a quasi-prison called the Cincinatti Zoo. Yesterday he was shot to death as he watched over a toddler who had fallen into his watery pen. 

Looking at footage of the event, one wonders what was actually going on in the mind of that amazing creature. For most of the time before his demise, he sat protectively next to the child, occasionally shifting his body posture slightly - almost as if he was wondering how the child should be picked up. The gorilla looked much like an inept dad who doesn't have much experience handling a young'un.

Then, at least twice, he grabbed the child by the seat of his pants and swept him to another part of the pen. That action triggered a memory of watching a documentary called "Blackfish," where an orca whale in captivity pulled his trainer under and swished her around until she drowned. Another fear rose to the surface as well - elephants who have turned on their trainer and stomped them to death.

Given the history of wonderful mammals boiling over in captivity and lashing out at their captors, it does give rise to the thought that maybe this gorilla was dangerously deranged. 

However, in my estimation, this was not the case with said gorilla. It is telling that the young child was not screaming or crying or even trying to move away. He sat quite patiently facing the gorilla. His mother was calling to him, "I love you, mommy's here" yet the child did not acknowledge her. Even after his speed rides through the water gratis the gorilla, the child did not cry. Maybe he was having fun?

Granted, if it were my child in that pen, I might have panicked and felt that the gorilla should be eliminated. But it would be nice to think that we as a group would have encouraged the gorilla with kind words and thoughts as dart guns put him to sleep.

In the grand scheme of existence, the life of a gorilla and the life of a child are of equal value. Nonetheless, as humans we will always have a deep instinct to protect our own...a deep genetically programmed survival response that cannot be wished away.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Boring People-Not

My late husband Michael was an associate of Michael Mann, the pre-eminent Hollywood director. He used to say, "Mann could film the phone book and it would be interesting."

As I lay in bed this morning contemplating life's gestalt, various possibilities for a new documentary project floated across my consciousness. Cover a war? Document the life of a famous human rights advocate? Find a unique and bizarre story to capture the public's imagination?

In fact, one could randomly pick any stranger on the street and do a fascinating exploration of his or her life, no matter how seemingly bland or uneventful. Simply the fact that a human being is a complex system of thoughts, emotions and genetic matter make for an epic story. What does it take to survive birth, grow up and find a way to stay alive?

As we all know, plenty!

So if any of us ever pronounce a person "boring," then the fault lies with us for not mining the intricate and fascinating inner life of what it means to be human.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ants Are Afoot

I live in one of those squeaky-clean upscale Southern California neighborhoods with a Homeowners Association to enforce squeaky-clean behaviors. On the bright side, an interactive website dedicated to homeowners allows us neighbors to share tips that would be the envy of Better Homes and Gardens

Although the ten or so emails received each day get automatically deleted, one did catch my eye.

It read:

Malik Basadii, Eagle Rock Homeowners

Just noticed ants in our front yard and wanted to take care 
of the problem. 

The post managed to get a laugh out of this grumpy pre-caffeinated person perusing her emails while waiting for the morning coffee to finish brewing.

How can it be that a person living on the edge of a mountain range, albeit on a manicured plot of grass, bushes and flowers, be surprised to see ants in his yard? Is he unaware that the planet is populated by insects that outnumber us by at least 10 squared to the billions? And what would he do if someone were to show him a movie of the massive underground cities that ants build right under our noses?

God help him. He has ants in his yard. Blessed be the day when he notices the wind, the trees and the sunlight.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Decline of the Western Empire

Ancient Rome faced an immigration problem that was the harbinger of its decline. Today's geo-political landscape echoes this eery trend. Like Rome,  former colonial powers in Europe have seen an influx of immigrants from the lands they once occupied for blood and treasure. As a result, the ruling classes are turning up their noses and a toxic xenophobia has begun to grow like a cancer.

What the far-right politicians and their growing base seem to miss is an inexorable law of karma in which they grow more and more enmeshed.

If a nation meddles in the affairs of another country's people and their resources - for self-aggrandizement - then a deep connection is forged. Yet this common bond is grossly unjust, with the occupying nation becoming somewhat akin to a punishing parent.

Once this unequal relationship is cemented, the result is an exchange of the most unhealthy kind. When the occupied seek refuge in the homeland of the occupiers, whose characteristics have been embedded in their psyches, they become the unwanted offspring of colonialism and imperialism.

This unhappy family of man cries out for an enlightened mindset, in which all beings are seen for the life and light inherent in their existence. Yet, this peaceable kingdom will not emerge from the ground of humanity until nations take responsibility for their actions and embrace all cultures as equal.

Until the law of karma is studied seriously, the "chicken and egg" conundrum will continue to foment dissent and unrest in the nest.


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Plants Rock

After a brief attempt to listen to the Sunday morning edition of CNN, the television got switched off as its owner emitted a distinct, "ACHHHH." The endless drone of Trumpism and anti-Trumpism has lost its luster; the news cycles seem more like mental masterbation than information. What happened to the war in Syria, refugees in dire straits, the zika virus, the state of education and endless other news stories that might inform us of the something other than the collective bubble in which we now hibernate?

Seeking solace from the slime-attack of morning news, I sit outside on the terrace appreciating the glorious good mood of the garden. The plants are ecstatic. Doused with buckets of rain in between brilliant sunshine, fed a special organic fish paste twice in the last month, they are standing tall and proud, flaunting gorgeous plumes of orange, yellow, magenta, purple and red. A fact little known to the city slicker or rain forest dweller, California cacti and succulents erupt with long stems of flowers during springtime that could fill a peacock with envy.

Plants seem so much simpler than human beings. Given the right amounts of water, sun, dirt, nutrients, and climatic considerations, they will simply thrive. Granted, there are predator plants; the plant kindgom holds many behavioral patterns that fit the Darwinian model quite neatly.

Nonetheless, the balm of Mother Nature is undeniable. Today I will allow the renewal of Spring to fill my heart and mind as a countermeasure to the culture of insanity perpetrated over the airwaves.

Friday, March 11, 2016

The Crack in the Liberty Bell

If, in his rise to power, Hitler's rallies had been disrupted to the point where he did not speak, would this now be frowned upon, given the deadly consequences of his rhetoric?

Twenty years from now, would we regret not having pushed against a vile, cunning and power-hungry narcissist named Donald J. Trump?

On the other hand, his most prominent GOP rival Ted Cruz presents an equally diabolical alternative. Caught between a rock and a hard spot? In the frying pan versus the fire?

Although the above truisms have lasted for many a decade and still ring true, Senator Lindsey Graham coined a new phrase worthy of recording in the annals of time. He was asked which fellow Republican he would support in the GOP race: Trump or Cruz?

He replied, "You are asking me if I would rather be poisoned or shot!"

Ah yes, the nature of samsara. Our time on this earth is all too short and yet somehow, what we do, what we say, is all so important. 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Rancored and Defiled

Historically, the majority of humanity have gazed at the moon and observed a glowing whitish-yellow ball in the sky, whether it be  full, waning or waxing, yet never gotten further than a cursory glance.

What makes certain individuals think out of the box to formulate an understanding of how the moon effects the tides, growing seasons and all kind of earthly behaviors remains a mystery. It's obvious that certain people are gifted with an unusual creative intelligence that allows its human to understand the what, where, whys and hows of this world. Thus a scientist is born.

Another kind of exploration involves the observation of one's mind, a universe unto itself. The unexamined Self becomes susceptible to the many ills plaguing mankind: fear, anxiety, depression, paranoia, imagined scenarios believed to be real, violence against self or others, and a litany of unimaginable crimes besetting mankind.

It takes an equally unusual person to plumb the depths of his or her psyche to understand its machinations in order to break free of the cycle of neurosis and collective psychosis. We know about the mystics, saints and yogis of times past, but it is entirely possible to gain access to the keys of life. As the Bible states, "See and ye shall find."

The keys lay all around us. All we have to do is ask and it will be given.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Keeping Hope Alive

I decided to turn off CNN before it aired the police car videocam of an officer shooting bullets execution-style into a prone African American teenager. In a segment before the release of this video, Don Lemon spoke about being based in Chicago for CNN. Surprisingly, he spoke with unbridled passion about his treatment at the hands of the Chicago police who call themselves "...the toughest gang on the block." He also let the TV audience know that incredible brutality is the calling card of that city's force, gone unchecked for decades and with full knowledge of city officials. For him, it was no surprise that this latest travesty of justice had occurred.

Add to this two films I saw in the last few days:

1) The Hunting Ground, a documentary that describes rampant rape and sexual assault on college campuses that are covered up unilaterally by the administrations. The motive - to protect the reputation of the school while the victims are victimized twice; once during the assault and again by the institution.

2) Spotlight, a feature that untangles the machiavellian coverup of pedaphile priests by the Catholic church. Same story as college rapes. No regard for the victims but consummate efforts made to protect the system.

Given the above examples among countless more that could be called to mind, only one thing occurs to me. If we let ourselves feel helpless, hopeless, depressed or explosively angry, the defeat is ours. Given the systemic nature of the problems, keeping hope alive seems like a tall order.

On the other hand, if not for hope and a desire for humane solutions, no freedom fighter or arbiter of justice would ever grace this world. Injustice can only be countermanded by justice and it is people who deliver justice, not God. So it behooves us to think and then whatever way small or large.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Pretty Boys of the Jihad

The rugged, wind-whipped faces of Syrian, Iraqi, Afghani jihadists bespeak of hard lives etched in the rock and sand of inhospitable landscapes. But the pretty, soft facial contours of Western jihadists confound the average onlooker.

These young men could be students at an Ivy League university, albeit with a closer beard shave to match the au courant look of every hip male around. They have not been caught between the fire and the frying pan, suffering Western fire-power and the repression of ruthless dictators. 

Hitler Youth sported the same fresh-faced killers, which leads to the conclusion that mind control trumps personal experience. 

In terms of trumping one thing over another, it appears that Donald Trump is still trumping all the other wackos for the lead in the Republican candidacy. Since he uses the internment of American-Japanese in WWII as a model for how we could handle "the Syrian" problem,  we Americans now have a bigger problem on our hands than ever imagined.

If the jihadists want to throw the world into chaos, they have found the perfect patsy in Trump; he has waltzed into their trap with the ignorance of a card-carrying narcissist.

If Americans want to avoid the chaos and terror of the Middle-East please wake up. It is not Syrian refugees who will threaten our beautiful land. It is the right-wing body politic that could do us in if their toxic brew prevails.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Oh How Things Change

On the local news today, a jubilant family welcomes home its young male adult with hugs that say, "Thank God you are home, safe and back in our arms." An all to common visual gracing the airwaves over the years, these vignettes usually refer to soldiers coming back from Iraq or Afghanistan.

But oh how things change. This manchild was returning from Paris.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Anti-Testosterone Shot.

A salient theme when viewing photos of jihadists is that the vast majority are young men circa 20ish to 30ish. An age range when normal, virile young man hunt for food, procure a wife to bear his children and protect the cave, these fellows have used their testosterone-soaked cells to maim and kill instead.

Perhaps the solution would be to take those young men on the "S" list in France, or the "watch" lists of other countries and give them large doses of estrogen to counterbalance that unholy surge of testosterone. With the slow development of breasts and belly fat, the urge to shoot kalashnikovs and shout "Ali Akbar" while mowing down the innocents might transform. Perhaps these young men would then take to planting community gardens and knitting wool caps for the needy.

Alas, no such injection method would be considered ethical or humane. Black humor aside, a more logical conclusion might be to train the disaffected for real jobs and real life skills that give them a greater investment in the social order. 

While it may be impossible to eradicate all the bad seeds, at least the vast fields of noxious weeds might wither away.

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Flora Technician and the Family Assistant

Language evolves to reflect shifts in culture. The hi-tech age has infused our zeitgeist with euphemistic labels to "spin" occupations. After all, if you are a red-blooded American boy/man, it wouldn’t be cool to reveal at cocktail parties that you babysit for a living wage or take care of houseplants.

Recently, a young man told me that he was “a family assistant” a.k.a. baby sitter with a driver’s license. A day job while he hones his skills as a filmmaker, the title gives him some semblance of dignity. When asked to give the details of “the family assistant,” it turns out to be something us women have done with our eyes half-closed for millennia. Formerly the domain of housewives and spinsters, this fellow of the brave new world must dignify his work with a quasi-technological ringtone.

And then, meet “the flora technician.” Low and behold, this gentleman explains that he tends to potted plants in the corporate environment. Now this is impressive! Keeping great big plants in an oxygen-deprived environment does require a certain je ne sais quoi. After he fumbles around to define his work more accurately, I interject, “I know! You are a plant whisperer.” He nods in agreement, apparently relieved that unmasking his role as “the flora technician” does not diminish him.

In fact, tending to children or plants with consciousness and care is nothing to sniff at. These are noble endeavors indeed. Yet, in this fast-paced modern world, one must find a new language to legitimize existence. How sad. How amusing. How evolutionary.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I am Jewel-ish

The lingering dreamworld colors first waking moments this morning. Recurrent themes in dreams are yet more remarkable - the mind's Greatest Hits. 

In 3D existence, one of the greatest hits to my inner child is the critical view held by father about my spiritual life. Granted, we were in complete agreement as to the non-existence of God, but apparently it was an incomplete consensus.

At age 19, standing on the steps of the most sacred pyramid in the Mayan empire, a column of light-energy descends from the sky and shoots straight into my crown chakra. It is the first time this physical container experiences "getting high."  (Note: no puff of marijuana or any other mind-altering substance had graced my bloodstream at that age...later.)

Henceforth, my life path veers away from the road most traveled and I leap into the void.

Decades after a declaration of independence from my parents' worldview, old age ripens the fruit of their loins. In last night's dream I cannot remain at a special ceremony with my Buddhist teacher because of a family demand. Frustration, anger, and fear of losing my teacher's blessings jolt me into wakefulness.

I reflect: the dreamworld reveals my anxieties but cannot dictate conscious choices. Relieved that this insight remains firm in my waking mind, I am free to muse about the fun qualities of my father.

He was a jokester and quipped with annoying frequency, "Are you Jewel-ish?" His play on words deflected the anti-semitic notion of the Jew, a label that plagued his earlier years.

Today, I can say with complete certainty, "I am Jewel-ish." Born a Jew, adopting the Jewel in the Lotus as my life path, and bearing French citizenship, "I am Jewel-ish" describes my being perfectly.

At last! I have pinpointed my gestalt in this incarnation.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Wages of Sin

After publicly admitting to a behavior that would have AA members pricking up their ears (a beer for dinner two nights in a row), a logical consequence has been vested upon me: a protest movement by my stomach leading to a decidedly unpleasant revolt. Au revoir beer. 

Granted, any nutritionist or logical person would have asked me why I drank a mini-bar beer to fill my stomach instead of take-out in "the city that never sleeps." Afterall, it isn't as if I was stranded in the middle of the Gobi Desert.

Contemplating thus in the early morning hours when I'd rather be sleeping, a biblical phrase came to mind: "The wages of sin is death." Sin, in this case, would be laziness and disregard for the welfare of the body temple.

Then a truly logical thought pattern arose. The correct admonition goes like this: "The wages of birth is death!" But nevermind. Life is not logical and certainly human behavior falls into the category of illogical most of the time. In an attempt to make sense out of the zigzags of existence, only one word untangles this mixed up tale: forgiveness.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Beer for Dinner

Just when I thought I knew the ins and outs of my persona, another subpersonality reared its unique head -  that of the boozer. In the vernacular, "a boozer" would be someone who imbibes alcohol in great quantities with great gusto and with great frequency. Being a lightweight drinker for virtually all of my adult life, this new propensity to drink comes as a surprise.

Lest the reader think that alcoholism is in the cards, clarification is in order. For me, heavy drinking is a cocktail per day for a week followed by a severe aversion to anything with more alcohol content than a Kombucha. And yet, while holed up in a hotel room in New York and forgoing dinner after snacking all day on film festival munchies, hunger sets in at about 10:00PM.

Going to a restaurant by myself is unappealing but making a dinner date with a warm body is even more daunting after interacting with humans for 14 plus hours during the day. So what does a gal do at 10:00pm when the stomach starts to feel hollow and the desire to nest overwhelms the hunger?

Yes! She raids the hotel mini-bar that is stocked with M&M's and cans of Heineken. However, rational thinking sets in. Eating the M&Ms has a distinct advantage in that they contain chocolate wrapped in vivid colors, a source of amusement for an artist and a chocolate lover. Nonetheless, this snack contains almost no nutrients and this human does not get sugar highs but definitely gets the sugar lows.

Beer, on the other hand, has vitamin B and fizzy bubbles. It also will make the head dizzy and the body slower - a good thing at 10PM. And that, my friends, is why a mini-bar beer has been my choice for fine dining these past two nights.

Gourmets or health conscious chefs might read this with horror and distain. Rest assured, upon returning to the land of Lotus Eaters, I promise to snack on apples and organic nut butters alone when the evening hunger games commence.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Watching History Roll By

Curiosity is a wonderful attribute. Without it there would be no inventors, explorers, mystics or scientists. The world would still turn on its axis and the stars would still shine in the heavens but the unique ability to reach beyond the personal self would be muted.

We are well versed in the exploits of adventurers and cats but how many of us are truly curious about the people who surround us? 

There is no such thing as a boring person, even if that someone holds the world's record for tedium. Beneath the most expressionless face of a dullard lies a human being that has been interacting with the multi-layered world in a manner entirely unique to that being. If we strove to be truly curious about each other, reaching out with attentive inquisitiveness in lieu of narcissist strutting, perhaps the complex and wonderful nature of the "other" would reveal itself.

Motivation is the key. When the spirit moves a person to see and hear what another is all about, the recipient of attention flowers. Feeling heard, feeling seen - without judgement from the observer to the observee - is a mighty gift.

Friday, September 18, 2015

God and the Devil

If God exists as an all powerful being that is the source of creation, then how could the Devil possibly come into existence? 

Let's be logical, folks. If God didn't create the Devil, then "He" is not all powerful because a force exists outside of "Him" that works against "His" will.

If "He" is indeed the force supreme, then it is downright rude of "Him" to mold a larger-than-life evildoer that will "git us if we don't watch out," to echo a ditty of decades past.

It also seems impossible for any singular being - powerful prophet though he or she might be - to "die for our sins," although one could certainly be crucified by others because their sinful thoughts and deeds. As far as I know, people must pay for their own karma. In this day and age, if someone else is capable of taking on our karma and sinking their existence, that would be called co-dependence.

I will admit that reading the Bible has been a far too arduous experience to endure, even if Donald Trump claims it is akin to watching a great movie over and over again. However, if any Bible  devotees can offer a good answer to my logical questions, the floor is open.

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Prodigal Cat

In the genealogy of my household felines, the last in a long and illustrious line was April, a petite short-haired cat of black attire with a white star on her chest. Tracing her history through the matrilineal lineage, she was birthed by Sparkle, who begat three offspring: Lucky, the eldest male, a second Tiger cat who did not survive birth, and the delicate and skitterish April.

Alas, April lost her mother at an early age due to the vicissitudes of life as a cat in the Santa Monica Mountains - an environment seething with natural predators. Henceforth, our little Miss was the Cinderella of the household, "dissed" by her sibling and an uncle named Sugar, a fat cat who rarely vacated the prime spot on the master's bed and guarded it with a vengence.

The lonely and defiant April thus took to the outdoors for a good part of her adult life, showing up on the doorstep only several days out of every month or when a rain storm was imminent. For the next 19 years, her pattern remained consistent, and members of the human household engaged in hot debate as to whether she had another family or was a superb survivor of the wilds.

Although her whereabouts remained the object of speculation, a pet psychic did relay the following message from the wanderlust kitty when she was approximately 8 years old:

"My roaming is nothing personal. It's about me, not you. I appreciate that I'm always welcome at your house. I really enjoy visiting. Maybe someday, when I'm old and need a soft bed and easy food, I'll stay with you. I have lived the best life for me."

April, a few hours before transitioning

Our beautiful kitty passed away in the early morning hours of August 21, 2015, on the prime spot of her mistress's bed, surrounded by soft pillows and Love.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Born to Die

"Born to die" is not only an oxymoron but the most basic fact of living. As a teenager, an idea rolled around in my brain like a tumbleweed in a dust storm: all the effort we put into our physical, mental and emotional life seems to evaporate at the "end," a thought that caused me to lament a la Peggy Lee,"Is that all there is?"

The first inhale enters the body at the moment of birth and the final exhale marks the precise moment of death. This means that we have a precise, finite number of breaths before the Grim Reaper takes us on a joy ride.

What if there is a "breath counter" in the clouds who has a clicker and marks off each inbreath and outbreath until he says, "Time's up." Knowing thus, if we were informed ahead of time as to exact amount of breaths we had in a lifetime, how would we use them? 

When people say, "Don't waste your breath," maybe they are onto something. And when the teacher in your anger management class tells you to slow down your breath and inhale deeply, maybe that person realizes a thing or two about prolonging your preordained, allotted number of ins and outs!

If any of you want to live a little longer, then slow down, take deep, sweet inbreaths, then slowly let the air spill out into the deep blue sky and relax.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Real Political Correctness

After a month of silence, this blogger is galvanized to make an obvious point that Donald Trump seems to miss when he eschews "political correctness."

A phrase that has become the target of sardonic comments, "political correctness" originally meant that spewing vitriol against a rainbow of minority groups was not acceptable. "Politically correct" really means "public respect."

The frustration of certain American citizens has caused them to take on the role of cheerleader to Trump's low-brow mentality. However, his extemporaneous comments serve as a major distraction to the issues at hand. His frequent use of the word "loser" and other adolescence slurs have diverted attention to the very issues he claims to address.

If Trump were truly politically correct, he would focus on important issues instead of acting like a school-yard bully.

Conservatives were duped twice by Bush Jr. aka King George. (Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.) Luckily, Donald Trump has offended the religious right so no worries that they will float him into office. Once Trump went after Fox News, he lost that dame/game.

The news has turned into a Facebook-like nightmare and the American people will be the ultimate victims if Donald Trump's case of turrets remains front and center. Worse yet, the circus that is called pre-election campaigning portends a sad state for the prospect of decent leadership.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Giant Awakened

While ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups pique fear and loathing in the collective western mindset, in fact they are a diversion from the real threat - China. Just as the world ignored or rationalized Hitler's military buildup pre-WWII, China's massive buildup of all manner of weaponry has gone unreported by the mainstream media.

With China's oceanic brain pool of computer-savvy, government-trained computer hackers, the United States looks more like a sitting duck in the cross hairs of a hunter than a mighty world power.

The denial or inability of the U.S. government to function rationally in assessing its needs will lead us into a dysfunctional society. We don't need more nukes but there is a brain drain at the most basic levels, where education of our young is relegated to third class status in terms of state and government expenditures.

This short-sightedness not only cripples the country in terms of training our young for high-tech jobs and occupations requiring rigorous training; programs promoting the arts, music, and other community building skills have fallen by the wayside, victims of Congressional cuts to the budget in favor of military spending for wars in Middle Eastern deserts.

Rome rose and fell, as have many other mighty empires. If the citizens of our country continue to stock Congress with right-wing demigods, we will look like a Third World country within a few generations...and will have no one to thank but our own short-sightedness.

Denial is dangerous. Clear vision can save the day. Everyone has the responsibility to start where they are and act accordingly to create a smarter, more compassionate society.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Elephant In the Room

Today's blog is borrowed from blogger Zachary Stockill, whose expression says it all. The below text contains excerpts from his newly released e-book entitled "Everyday Joy." 

The Elephant in the Room

Many people choose to either ignore, or vilify death. Our primary cultural signifier of death is that of the shadowy grim reaper, wearing a skeletal face and black robes, anticipating our demise with glee. The topic of death is brought up at a dinner party, and guests shy away and try to change the topic to something more “upbeat,” and less “depressing.”

An elderly family member dies and the funeral home director spends hours applying makeup and pressing an old suit; doing everything in his power to spare us—the living—from witnessing the reality of post-mortem decay.

Most people spend their lives trying to ignore the spectre of death like some beggar in the street, pretending not to notice, pretending not to hear the steady rhythm of death’s footsteps following their own. I have never understood why.

There is no other thought that inspires, excites, and motivates me like the thought of my own death. No other idea that pushes me to achieve, and achieve now. Nothing motivates me to party like the image of death I see in my head, watching my body burn on the funeral pyre; decaying with a peaceful grin on my face, saddened that one party is ending, but at the same time curious about the next.

We all grow up knowing one thing, and one thing only: we are born, and one day we will die. That’s it. That is the only bonafide, 100-proof, absolute certainty about life and living that we have access to. This is the only thing we know for sure. It is ironic, then, that we spend most of our lives trying to forget it.Do You Really Want to Live Forever, Forever… and Ever?

I know some people who express a desire to live forever. But people who think they want to live forever rarely ask themselves an important question: do I even want to? Immortality would be pure hell. Do you want to go around and around and around on the same Ferris wheel for all time? Think about it.

Spinning around on this rock in the same form for all eternity would become painfully dull after a century or two. What makes our time on Earth so exciting is that it is a limited time offer. At a certain point, we all have to step off to make room for whoever is coming up behind us. This is what makes the ride so exciting, and entertaining any thoughts to the contrary spoils it for ourselves, and for all of the other passengers onboard.  

Befriending the Reaper

It’s useful to think long and hard about your death if you want to live, and I don’t mean the funeral arrangements. I mean your actual death, not the after-party.

When the hour of your death draws near, how do you think you’ll feel? How do you want to feel? What thoughts are you going to hold close as you slip away? We all die alone, but do you want a stranger or loved ones to witness your departure? In your final moments will you choose to stay present, or speculate about what will come next?

As I move on from this earthly form I want to die having really lived; to have sucked as much bliss and joy and excitement out of my time on Earth as humanly possible. To die happy is to die knowing that I brought as much light, love and happiness to myself and the people around me as I was capable. To die wearing a wide smile on my face, with multiple wrinkles around my eyes revealing ten thousand afternoons spent laughing with friends, my voice hoarse following ten thousand wild nights and conversations, my limbs tired after a century of dance. I want to die in absolute peace so that my rest is eternal, and those witnesses to my death are inspired to keep living, and living well.

Death is exciting, and not because of some speculative and imaginary afterlife, but because it provides the ultimate excuse to live, and live now. To exercise every passion and exorcise every demon, to pursue each and every curious avenue, and dive into the ocean of joy that stands at your feet in every moment of every day.

We delude ourselves, and cheat ourselves and others out of joy when we live in deliberate ignorance of death. When we ignore death it draws nearer.  

So what is the solution?

Move deeply into death. Try to imagine the sights, sounds, and smells of the room where you will die. Imagine the thoughts you will have as the music fades and the lights grow dim. Picture your diminishing body, slowly voiding itself of life as death moves in. Picture the people around you (if there are any) as they watch. Imagine their faces, and try to listen to their voices, as you imagine your own. Will you speak? Will you smile? How do you want to die?

As you read these words and follow this narrative, you are nearer to death than when you began. What’s more, death may come at any moment. Each and every day many thousands of people around the world die long before they anticipated. Death is so near that you can actually hear it, if it’s quiet enough and your mind is still. In every moment, there is a very real chance that your time on Earth will end; death follows our every movement as human beings.

So make no mistake: your party will end. Your breath is not eternal. Your flesh will one day rot and decay so that your corpse will be unrecognizable to everyone you once cared about, and who once cared for you. If you choose to buried in a hole in the ground, your flesh will eventually return whence it came, the mould and the bugs and the worms and the bacteria consuming the physical evidence of your life so that their lives can go on. If you choose to be cremated, your body will turn to ash, with hot reams of fire igniting your hair and skin and bones so that you eventually fit into a neat metal box to be carried around and eventually disposed of by friends and family. You may end up in the Ganges, or Lake Minnetonka, but the end result is the same.

You will die. And not only will you die, but everyone you love and who loves you will also die. Furthermore, one day, whether it is in one hundred or one hundred thousand years, there will be no memory, trace, or evidence that you once lived. 

So what are you to do about it?  Live.

Live, and live now. Live powerfully, dramatically, absolutely now. Live with as much gusto and passion and strength as you can muster. And don’t stop until you are so absolutely satisfied with living that death seems a curious, even welcome, transition.

Live fully now because you will never get another opportunity.

Excerpted from Everyday Joy