Thursday, July 5, 2018

Motivation is Everything!

 The common talk around town goes something like this:

"Why aren't the Democrats doing anything?"
"The Democrats have no message."
"Why don't the Democrats play dirty like the Republicans?"
"The Democrats need to be tougher."

And so on and so forth. Infinitesimal threads of karma birthed from the loins of infinity stretch out to arrive at this temporary juncture in the time-space continuum. Yet, it is beyond the scope of human intelligence and certainly my own mind to unravel the cosmic design that brings history to this point.

Origins aside, folks the likes of Ralph Reed and other neocons have had a grand plan to gradually overtake the system, vanquishing humanitarians who would work for equality and justice. As Alex Gibney, documentarian extraordinaire states, "...language is key to the militarized "take-no-prisoners" mindset of many movement conservatives. To them, politics is never about religion--or what's right or wrong--it's only about getting caught." And I might add, their politics are the means by which laws can be changed to line their coffers and enslave the majority.

While it is not in the purvue of this author to lay out the strategic longterm plans of the neocons, it has been their keen motivation over the last half century to erode the democratic system and replace it with an oligarchy. This finely honed goal, pursued with Biblical fervor, has out-maneuvered those whose views meander in a more benign direction. Not understanding the focused dedication of the neocons, the Democrats have stepped aside and in the process been stripped of their least for now.

The good news is that as the ship careens out of control, there is a fresh movement afoot to right the boat. This will take strong will, deep motivation, and righteous anger. We who would not act will taste the bitter fruit of inaction. There is a choice to be made. Pray to the all-that-is that we pull together and drive out the madness.

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