Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Write on Water, Carve on Stone

A wise saying, originating somewhere in the Arab world, goes as follows: "Carve in stone the good others have done unto you and use your finger to trace on water the bad."

How many of us marinate in anger over a wrong done to us in childhood by a parent, forgetting that they clothed, fed, and protected us when we were helpless babes? Or broken off a friendship based on a snide or judgmental comment, forgetting about all the shared life experiences? Worse yet, a parent disenfranchising a child or vice versa, based on unexpressed feelings and miscommunication?

Most of us have experienced some version of the above. If we have a choice to remember the good and let go of the bad - forgive and forget (or at least forgive and let go of obsessional thinking about the past), perhaps our stories will have happier endings.


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