Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Anthony Bourdain Has Balls

OK, so I just posted a blog a few days ago about this uber-popular television figure; rehashing a figure in the media usually breaks the rules of original ideas. However, as spontaneous thought arises this morning, it is impossible not to sing his praises yet one more time.

Thanks to my technologically savvy daughter, who loves to DVR all her "Housewives of....." on our home set (thus clogging it up with this drivel), she also kindly DRVed a bunch of Anthony Bourdain's epics.

My husband and I are totally turned off when we turn on CNN Breaking News (a.k.a more non-news about Malaysia Flight 370), so in desperation, we found Bourdain's show on Russia in the "recorded" section of our new-fangled TV setup. Michael could care less about cooking shows, even though he's French. But with an encyclopedic knowledge of history and current events, he was willing to take a stab at the show on Russia.

Our foray into the Menu section was well rewarded, as most of this episode, while showing multiple shots of multiple shots of vodka, was mainly taking aim at Vladamir Putin. Many a poor soul has disappeared into the Gulags for much less than what Bourdain openly said about this reincarnated Czar/KGB/Politiboro/ "democratically elected" president of Russia.

You'd have to see the show to understand the risks taken not only by Bourdain but the people who allowed themselves to be filmed. His subjects were not the fat cat billionaires who are cronies-family of Putin, but the dissidents - although his Russian guide and friend looked a little green about the gills at times with Bourdain's frank and highly critical take on the autocratic Putin.

To quote one of the opening statements referring to the Russians populus, Bourdain states, "Putin may be a son-of-a-bitch, but like Rudi Guiliani, he's our son-of-a-bitch." It gets worse, but only worse in the sense of revealing the sad story of this tragic and magic land.

And just to be fair: Morgan Sperlock, you are next.


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