Monday, May 12, 2014

Bite the Hand That Didn't Feed You

Yesterday, my son's girlfriend's dog Donald bit my sister's hand while she was trying to stop her dog Gracie from biting Donald (whose big dog ear was in the tiny jaws of the petite pup). Mr. Big was not about to take shit from the little lady, but unfortunately my sister's hand was between Donald's retaliatory bite and her little pooch.

Said dog with the big chompers missed a major vein in her hand by a millimeter, but his teeth marks displayed their dental pattern on the top and bottom of her now distressed appendage. With one especially deep tooth penetration, it was an honest to god bona fide dog bite, not a little warning scrap.

At the time, first aid was swiftly administered thanks to my well-stocked medicine cabinet. (I had recently been in a Third World country and had taken a pharmacy with me, luckily with leftovers when I returned). As it was Mother's Day, my sister bravely said something to the effect that this was par for the course, being a mother...

When trying to analyze the cause of this canine altercation, my son - an astute observer of human and animal behavior - commented that the biting behavior occurred right next to a low table with brie cheese and crackers on it. The super smart little pup was probably aware that Mr. Big could be a competitor for snatching the cheese off the table, although both dogs knew that it was vorbotten. So just in case Donald might make a run for the cheese, Gracie launched a preemptive strike.

If my sister had stuck her hand in the middle of two fighting dogs with a big wad of cheese, you bet they would have chomped the cheese instead of her hand.

The moral of the story: if animalistic behavior overrides civilized behavior, one is likely to bite the hand that didn't feed it.

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