Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Frog in the Pot

If a frog is placed in a pot of cold water that slowly heats up until the boiling point, it never uses its meaty long legs to hop out of the cauldron before the temperature becomes fatal.The frog will acclimate to the rising heat, never realizing that the water has become a hostile environment until it is too late. (My only hope is that the cruel people who conducted the experiment at least dined on this cute little boiled amphibian, so that his death was not in vain.)

On the otherhand, if a frog is invited to leap into a pot of already boiling water, he will decline, knowing that it would not be an auspicious swim. While we humans consider ourselves to be the crown of creation, in actuality we are no more savvy than the frog sitting in the slowly warming pot.

The forward thinking, intelligent folks on the planet are like the frogs who saw the pot boiling, a.k.a GLOBAL WARMING, and said that this "inconvenient truth" must be addressed before we are vanquished. However, the convenience of life lived with products spewed out by industrialized nations has brought on a massive case of denial. Those who would keep their Chevrolets, private jets, ski mobiles and aerosol hair spray, to name but a few of the atmosphere-busting gizmos, will find that they have victimized not only themselves but generations to come.

Turning a blind eye comes at great cost, whether it be drought in California's once fertile fields, tornedos in the Midwest, torrential hurricanes and floods along the eastern seaboard, and many places on planet earth where islands and coastal regions will return to Planet Ocean.

The only antidote beside voting most of Congress out of office is to adopt environmentally friendly behavior. Solar panels and electric cars, for example, are well within our power to do and would cut emissions dramatically. Lawns must become a thing of the past in drought areas, and people who let the water run while brushing their teeth should be arrested.

We are no longer at a crossroads. Well down the road to radical environmental change, the best humanity can do is to start using their large brains to invent new earth-friendly ways to cope with the change that some would wish away.


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