Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Love Thy Neighbor Like Thy Dog

If one were to quote the phrase, "Love thy neighbor like thy dog" in certain quarters of the world, it would probably be considered an insult...or even grounds for murder. (Remember the Sochi Olympics where Russian authorities killed stray dogs who dared to linger around the burgeoning stadiums looking for food scraps.)
However, at least in the USA, people's dogs are likely to be the central topic of conversation, adored and doted upon like a single royal heir - especially among the young unwed or the elderly empty nesters.

Let's face it. The dog, if well socialized, can be infinitely more loyal, patient, obediant, and protective than most humans we know. And if the canine love of your life kicks the bucket, you can always go to a rescue shelter and find another noble being hankering to be your best friend.

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