Saturday, May 24, 2014

What Is "The What Is?"

Good advice for all people under all circumstances is accepting "the what is." A reality-based strategy, it implies a clear-eyed assessment of factors both physical, mental, and environmental that are currently in play. This acceptance does not imply apathy or acquiesence. In fact, without knowing where you are, how can you have a direction in which to take your next step?

But then there are "what is's" that effect us, but of which we are not aware. For example, dogs can hear sounds and smell smells that exceed the human capacity, yet do exist in a more subtle realm. In order for us to evolve into a state of atunement that gives us more information than the basic five senses, a certain level of training must take place for those doors of perception to fling open.

Perhaps if the human race were to activate some of that junk DNA, those extra strands just lying around, we could acquire marvelous abilities to turn on and tune into our vast potential.

In the meantime, the more we refine intuition, open our hearts to love, and try to stop believing the stories we tell ourselves, it is a good possibility that an evolutionary leap can occur into a more expanded, joyful "what is."

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