Thursday, May 15, 2014

Truth is Always True

My family of three adult children, one husband (and me) exemplifies freedom of religion. Without divulging who is who, we have a Pantheist, a Kabbalist, a Light Worker, a follower of a charismatic Christian church, and a Buddhist.

Tonight we all talked late into the night, not arguing about one path being better than the other, but trying to find bridges to each others' spiritual experiences. It was peppered with curious questions and sincere explorations, but only one conclusion could be gleaned from this interesting bunch.

No matter what you call it, the fundamental reality remains the same. Truth can only be true if it holds up under all circumstances. Whether it be God with a "he" ascribed to the gender, Great Spirit, Light, Jesus, or Buddha nature (and more), the need to give and receive love transcends it all. Philosophical doctrines fall away in the light of the human heart in all of its complexity and simplicity.

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