Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mysterious Flowers

During your lifetime, some naysayer has probably wagged his or her finger at you and said, "Be careful what you wish for." This ominous warning, though somewhat of a kill-joy reprimand, does have merit. The things we hope will bring us happiness often turn out to be red herrings on the path to enlightenment (or basic peace of mind). On the other end of the spectrum, a positive or light-hearted wish can come true, bringing with it a sense of destiny fulfilled. And then there are magical moments when the inscrutable universe bestows it's kiss of Grace in the most unexpected manner.

Last night at our weekly family dinner, when the "kids" come over for grub and free laundry services, a discussion centered around surprises of all kinds. I remarked in my usual emphatic manner, "I don't like surprises." Then, remembering that any attitude of aversion usually has a boomerang effect, I decided to soften the negative karma with an antidote. "Well, I wouldn't mind being surprised by flowers delivered to my doorstep."

Today at about 4pm, Fed Ex dropped a package on my doorstep addressed to me. The long cardboard box bore the letters BLOOM. And low and behold, inside that four foot long package was a bouquet of lovely flowers, different varieties showing off their red  hues. And no note. 

Either the florist screwed up and forgot the note or I have an anonymous magic fairy that decided to surprise me in the manner most preferred. In either case, this surprise flower delivery arrived with eerily delightful precision, in perfect alignment with my statements of the night before.

So thank you, Life, for throwing me the boon of faith, miracles, magic, and surprise.

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