Sunday, May 25, 2014

Leaning Into the Curve

One of my struggling friends recently remarked, "Why is life always throwing me a curve ball?" My first reaction, which lasted a few days, was some knee jerk philosophical jive about life's uncertainties and so on and so forth.

For some insane reason, this complaint about curveballs and my pat "life is full of ups and downs" answer didn't sit right. And then I figured out why. If you keep getting curve balls, then goddamit, learn to adapt and figure out how to lean into the curve and synchronize your movements to it. Then it won't be a curve ball anymore. More than likely it will resemble a tai chi movement or a Martha Graham choreography.

The trick: when that unexpected turn of events spins you around, flow with it and become an expert at spinning. (If Sufi mystics can do it, so can you.)  Otherwise you will flip out, spin out, and live wildly out of control. And that wouldn't be nearly as fun as holding tight to the center of the centrifugal force .

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