Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Day the Earth Ate Cars

Among the many scourges that afflict humans beings, one unconsidered fear is that the earth will simply open up and swallow whatever sits in the path of its voracious appetite.

Take the example of a man who was peacefully snoring away in his modest house in the state of Washington. A hidden sink hole gave way and buried this fellow and his bed more than fifty feet deep in the earth, never to be seen again. The rest of his house was intact. (That karma beats being struck by lightening by a longshot.)

And then the case of the famous rock star, whose Los Angeles mansion's central hallway sank overnight - luckily while he was residing at another mansion in Europe. The aftereffect resembled an image in an amusement park mirror, with the left and right side of the house tilting at an angle towards its long gone epicencer.

The most recent example occurred in Baltimore, where an entire string of parked cars simply fell away in a matter of seconds into the adjacent river. Caught on video and posted on YouTube (of course), we are now privy to the might power of Mother Earth when she decides to have a meal of steel. 

So for those who love to worry about the potential dangers that lurk in the shadows, please enjoy this video. And then you can add sinkholes to your fear of  tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, pestilence, war and famine.

Or...consider yourself lucky enough to be here and capable of reading the words on this page, among other things.

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