Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Razor's Edge

Perhaps there is a standard meaning in the vernacular concerning the phrase "the razor's edge." However, I won't let conventional terminology stop me from blundering on about the meaning of this metaphor in the world according to Carole.

The razor's edge is eating a box of dates and pretending the calories are trumped by nutritional value. Never mind medical advice to avoid sugars of all kinds. If I can't see the glucose level skyrocketing it doesn't exist. And until my clothes mysteriously shrink in the closet, one is numb to the pain of this eventual outcome.

The razor's edge is driving 80 MPH in the 60 MPH zone and just knowing that you are invisible to police cars.  Until you are not.

The razor's edge is not going to the dentist for three years or waiting until your car is 20,000 miles over its next service date.

However, the mother of all razors' edges is denial. With those blinders on, one is sure to feel the slice of life hacking your party cake into a crumbly messy goo. If only we humans could work backwards from effect to cause, we would be such a clever race! In that scenario, we would have the racer's edge!

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