Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gratitude Is Not a Platitude

How many of us know what it is like to be hungry? Truthfully, it is better to be a beggar in Westlake Village, California than a poverty-stricken person in a Third World country. If beggars in Westlake raise $10, they can enter one of many supermarkets for a thousand-fold food choice. A family living under a tarp in the mountains of Bhutan, or a Burmese person in a remote village with dry dusty fields, has nowhere to simply drop in for a tasty snack. Scarcity is not only limited by money but by availability and location.

Every American of means should visit a Third World country. Perhaps the whining that goes on about trivia would be hushed by the sight of real problems such as no fresh water or medical care or healthy nutrition or adequate shelter and clothing.

Having just visited a poverty-stricken part of our planet, I find it amazing to listen to the complaints of the ordinary Angeleno. Gratitude is not a platitude so people listen up. Life is full and rich and probably anyone reading this at least has access to the internet. Already a game changer.

Complain less and give more - a sure recipe for contentment. 

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