Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Enigma of Body Chemistry

No, this blog title is not a reference to the mysteries of sexual attraction, although astonishing, scientifically verifiable data shows how complex "attraction" actually functions to draw people into the knots that bind. This is more about food and its impact on body, mind and soul.

A lecture on nutrition would be terribly boring, and only the most culturally conditioned person could ignore or still be in denial about the basics of healthy eating (such the fried food clans of the Deep South). Alchemy would be a better word to describe the mysterious interactions of foods and beverages with the unique chemistry of an individual.

Thanks to some absurdly expensive, specialized lab testing, I know that I am gluten-intolerant, allergic to raspberries (darn) and a few other items. OK, so it's no surprise that as a child I called pancakes "paincakes" because my stomach told me it was a real downer to ingest that seemingly delicious breakfast. Comatose would be a good word to describe my mental condition after imbibing that morning menu item.

More of a mystery is which foods make me feel high, happy, and energized, and what ones inspire me to ravage the cupboard and fridge for yet more, more and more. Or lay down on the couch for the next hour or so.

Who'da thunk that today, some sprouted organic tofu and a barely ripe avocado would send my brain chemistry soaring into heights of ecstacy? After all, that combination is one of the standards in my rather sparse refrigerator and it didn't bliss me out a few days ago when I had the same lunch.

Thus the enigma of body chemistry. I always wondered why those people in white with white turbans wrapped around their heads (in West Hollywood), thin as a Somalian fisherman, could float around with such ease. Is it a vegan diet? A vegetarian diet? The Paleo diet? The breatharian method?

In eating disorder clinics, the food cure is called "intuitive eating." Check your gut and see what it really wants. And if you listen, all will be well. Now all I need is a special hearing aid or a megaphone so that my gut can tell me what it wants before it definitely reacts to what it didn't want.





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