Friday, March 28, 2014

CNN Declared Legally Insane

Since corporations are "people" according to a Supreme Court ruling and our tax code, it appears perfectly logical that one could make a diagnosis of the mental or physical condition of this CNN person of many bodies and technologies.

While I was sequestered in a Southeast Asian country oblivious to news, (mainly because I couldn't figure out the remote control for the flat screen in my hotel room and it was too hot to call anyone for help), apparently a Malaysian aircraft bound for Beijing fell off the map.

Nineteen days later, it is still almost the only thing one can see on CNN, the ubiquitous station that used to be my news channel of guilty pleasure. Real news, of course, would need to be found elsewhere, but who can resist Anderson Cooper's cute little giggles?

With complete astonishment and now derision, my husband and I click onto it just to be amazed yet again at the "breaking news" moniker with non-stop conversation about the possibilities afoot concerning disappeared Boeing 777's. (No longer a lucky number, wouldn't you think? Gamblers beware! If you bet on lucky sevens, your money will disappear as quickly as that jetliner.)

Not to underestimate the awful tragedy for the people on board and their families left behind, but honestly CNN. Do you realize that the Russians just annexed Crimea, that Syria is still at war, that poverty and guns plague Americans, and an almost infinite number of other stories that influence our humans worldwide are newsworthy too?

Thus, CNN falls under the definition of insanity: someone who does the same unfullfilling action over and over again and expects a different result. And please God, help the Fox news person too.

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