Saturday, March 15, 2014

Oxymoron of the Day

Said blogger was in Southeast Asia for the past two weeks, where the temperature has been over 100F every day and air-conditioning scarce. Heretofore, she had never felt the sting of sweat running into her eyes. Better than store-bought eye drops, she thinks.

 After two days back in balmy Los Angeles, she leaves again for a week in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where the weather is below freezing after the sun falls behind the jagged mountain peaks.

Note radical wardrobe change: light flowing cotton and sandals to thick wool sweaters and boots.

With a bit of cultural disorientation and climate change, she races around the house trying to retool her life from thickly hot jungle to cold mountain air and snow - within a short turnaround time which included a lost day from extreme food poisoning (happily occurring in LA where the comforts of home made things more or less bearable).

Her question to herself as she prepares to leave for the airport: "Did I forget to remember something?"


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