Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Jagged Edge of Excitement

I never understood people who had the constant need for excitement and stimulation until today. After two weeks in a foreign land, camera in hand, followed by a one week retreat filled with love and insight, my peaceful and beautiful abode in Southern California seems a little too quiet and peaceful.

As one who normally needs respite from the time clock and other peoples' neurosis (which acts like a tuning fork to my own), this is a new sensation. I don't want to isolate. I want to submerge myself in the world of people.

My cat April used to hide out in an upstairs bedroom all day until...we replaced the concrete and dirt surrounding our house with a native garden, filled with over 300 plant varieties. A few days after the planting had completed and the planters safely gone, said cat ventured outside and started sniffing. It was fascinating to watch her explore every new scent which drew her from her cozy bed-blanket into a world of fresh sensation.

Like my crazy cat, I have sniffed a world out there with new flavors and sensations. Yes, the comforts of home are irreplaceable. Yes, the voice of old friends is reassuring. But as the day I qualify for Medicare draws ever so near, it is time to reinvent my life. And why not? After all, as teenagers are wont to say to their parents, "I can sleep when I'm dead."

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