Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Odor Mystery

If you have ever entered a small public bathroom where the previous occupant has either 1) emptied the stomach's contents violently, or 2) emptied the colon's contents mightily, we would all agree that the smells evoke repulsion and a strong desire to exit that room posthaste.

Multiply that experience to every foul smell emitted by man or beast on the planet and the extent of the stench could reach proportions imaginable only to quantum physicists.

There is surely a scientific explanation why smells seem to be purified as they circulate the globe so that "fresh air" is still a viable concept in many rural and uninhabited places.

In the meantime, this uninformed blogger simply chooses to muse about this mysterious planet upon which we park our carcasses, in all its wondrous facets.

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