Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Dreaming Life

It has been said that the departed often use the dreamtime to communicate with the living, as the veils are thinner when one has parked the thinking mind in sleepy-time mode. Thus, a question often asked of me:

"Has Michael come to you in dreams?" 

The answer is yes, but...

My first dream after he passed was like all the other dreams from the 30 years we were in the physical together - a recurrent dream taking place in public spaces with lots of people surrounding us; we were always running hither and yon to accomplish an amorphous task. 

The second time he appeared in dream was as it is should be according to the mystics: cosmic, divine, and with a message. For the first few months after his death, I had been waking up with the desire not to wake up; my self-talk went something like this: "Oh shit, another day." After thinking thus for a few months, it dawned on me that a more positive message would serve my life on earth better. So upon awakening the next morning, I said to myself, "I love my life!"

Granted, it seemed like the consummate lie to tell myself, but the morning after, once again I proclaimed my love of life (not). Low and behold, Michael appeared to me in a dream on night #2 of such life-affirming proclamations. He was standing in a field of light, and his eyes were large green saucers emitting rays of golden light. The message: YES TO LIFE, you're getting it now!

One would think all is well after such an affirmative appearance by angel Michael. And yet last night, six months after his passing, I had a nightmare. We were thirty-something and he had decided to switch his affections from me to another woman of similar age. The entire night, my poor dream body was chasing him all over the place, trying to convince him to come back to no avail. Even now, as I write this blog, the remains of the nightmare sound a sour note. Go figure.

No matter what dreams may come, whether they be prophetic, habitual, or fear-based, we still have to carry on. The landscape is in perpetual motion and flow with it we must.

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