Saturday, January 17, 2015

Alone Versus Together

The parents of teenagers often hear a refrain from their offspring: "Leave me alone!" Conversely, this age group craves the company of their peers; the result of merriment by these developing hominoids can be chaotic.

So why do creatures sometimes want to be alone and at other times cling to the presence of like-minded souls?

In the relative world, we actually have two worlds - the inner world and the outer world - although in reality they form a continuum with dividing line (molecular love-making). Creating a harmonious balance between alone time and social time can be an art form.

Having been habituated to "together time" in a marriage of thirty years, where my husband and I had home offices, I am finding it an interesting challenge to appreciate "alone time." When Michael was alive, it was nice to occasionally have the house to myself for a few hours. He was not a noisy fellow but had high octane brain power; the electricity generated by this 3 pound organ was palpably felt throughout the house.

Now, quiet time more resembles the stillness of a home hastily evacuated by its occupant in anticipation of a military offensive...eerily the same yet absent of the person who helped create the nest.

If everything exists as a perception in the mind of the observer, then my daily task is to reframe "alone" and "together." Today, I am together with the plants, the fresh air, and the internet that provides me with links. While some might think the company of plants a bore, well, try planting and growing them and they will speak! Today Mother Earth is my companion and she is indeed sweetas the incarnation of a Southern California 70 degree Farenheit day.

As long as perception is malleable, then "alone" and "together" become relative concepts. May we be alone when we want peace and may we be together when we want nourishment. And the outward appearance makes no difference.

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