Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Nature's Balm

Ten miles up a winding country road high in the Rocky Mountains, nestled in a panoramic spot, there lives an elderly couple who found their way out of Third World hell to a paradisaical mountain lifestyle. 

As a guest in their Shangrila for a few days, I was unaware of the subtle power of the wilderness until descending again to the freeways and byways of Denver (which hardly qualify as "city" compared to the likes of New Delhi or New York).

To put it succinctly, I was floating in blissful peace for at least five hours once back in "civilization." Had it been the fresh mountain air? Or the energetic force of Nature,
unencumbered by human pollution? Or the company of seasoned human beings that have known suffering and created peace instead?

Even if my own abode hardly resembles a hell realm, the distant hum of traffic, the leaf blowers, the cookie cutter lawns - not to speak of the mundane complaints of the well fed - all subtly erode the core of well being with a persistent drone.

Those who fight to preserve open spaces, refuges for wild life, clean air and fresh water are on to something. We must replenish the pristine nature of Mother Earth; only by being in tune with her power will all be well.

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