Monday, January 19, 2015

The Great Ones

At any one point in history, great men and women walk the planet thoroughly steeped in the consciousness of Love. Sometimes their prominence shines publicly as thousands flock around them for inspiration, healing, and evolution towards enlightened mind.

Others emanate their refined vibrational presence within a small circle of fortunate individuals who cross their path. I recently encountered such a teacher in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, privileged to experiece his unceasing dedication to prayer, meditation, and wise counseling. His healing presence transformed my aching heart with a hand mudra that he effortlessly displayed .

Could we not also lead a life following the example of this miracle of mankind? And possibly, with this life-affirming love, create a heaven on earth?

One obvious answer: someone must be a manager, a worker, or an organizer of a society. No matter how simple a social structure, nonetheless people need to eat, build shelters, and clothe themselves. The logical person might also respond that not everyone has the karma or the innate inclination to spend their life in prayer and meditation; humans are party-animals and social gatherings make for a certain joie de vivre.

Yet, at the very least, we could spend part of our day in mindful awareness, a trend that is spreading in slow motion throughout this land. Even 60 Minutes had a segment on this meditative practice, with Anderson Cooper spending a weekend learning how to meditate. Probably a more useful segment than the ones where he swims with sharks and alligators, he says it was a "life changer."

If a busy anchorman can do it, so can we. Anger management classes teach people to count to ten before responding and that pause seems to mitigate a destructive response. So if every person on the planet took a minimum of 15 minutes day, and much more if possible, then image how much more conscious and careful our thoughts and actions might be.

Many of us are somewhat cynical, giving the cycles of war and violence that have plagued civilization since the dawn of recorded history. Nonetheless, the dream of an evolved mankind must not be lost in the melee of conflict on a personal or national level. If enough people begin to practice mindful awareness and expand those moments to saturate waking moments, then anything is possible.


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