Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The WiFi Fry

From The Daily Digg by Sarah Weber
"The WiFi fry" is not only a tongue twister - you could try repeating it rapidly twenty times and see how it scrambles your tongue -- it also might be scrambling your brain.

In an experiment done by Danish school girls, they placed two plates of little green thingies in separate locations; one plate near the sun and fresh air, the other next to a wireless router. The plate on the right demonstrates healthy little sprouts enjoying their life, while the plate on the left shows the shriveled remains of a once vibrant group of veggies. (Obviously the fried greens were next to the WiFi router.)

Apparently the experiment was done under properly controlled scientific standards that won these school girls a national prize in Denmark, where humane government policies seem to exist.

With the plethora of WiFi gizmos in our world, from TV remotes to cell phones to powerful towers transmitting the juice to run these things - how much can our electromagnetic brain waves endure?

Maybe that explains the wave of mass murders by suburban young white males, who spend their days looking at computer screens maneuvering video games. Or the horrific spike in autism, thousands of times more prevalent than 50 years ago.

As for me, I have been sitting next to my WiFi router for about a year now. Maybe that explains why my car keys and purse disappear into thin air in my house, or why I couldn't find my iPad with its bright red case that was sitting in plain view on the kitchen counter.

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