Monday, December 2, 2013

Animal Holocaust

Non-industrial chicken owners know something most of us city slickers do not. These creatures have personalities, likes, dislikes, and can even mother a litter of kittens when necessary. If this last fact seems implausible, it was documented by an amateur videographer and sent to me via a social network. In this case, seeing is believing, despite of our brave new world of altered video realities. 

As a recipient of many inter-species film clips, the truth is stranger than fiction. Not only did I see a chicken watching over an abandoned litter of kittens like a mother hen (oops, she is a mother hen), but also a goat leading a blind horse, a century turtle adopting a baby hippo, a pig nursing a litter of puppies, a baby deer and baby fox huddled together in a rescue shelter, a tiger caring for a baby baboon after eating its mother, and the list goes on and on.

For those who eat meat, consider the following statistics for one year only:

Calculated by Noam Mohr, May 2012

Considering that animals exhibit tremendous humanity, the above figures suggest nothing less than a holocaust of enormous proportion, far outpacing the infamous human holocausts of the 20th century.

If there is a heaven for chickens, not to speak of cows and our intelligent pig friends who lend us their thyroids and hearts, then it is way overcrowded. Although plants also seem to have an intelligence that can sense energy from other beings, perhaps vegetarianism would promote more kindness and good karma for our planet.

If God could sacrifice Christ, his only son, for humanity, then couldn't we sacrifice plants for food in order to save the animals?

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