Monday, December 16, 2013

Repetition Reaps Rewards

I was talking to a friend about her labile moods; a wise and kind woman with deep insight into human behavior, nonetheless she expresses sudden bursts of anger, bitterness and tears of rage at times. She also feels energy with great sensitivity and can be drawn to high frequency, sacred spots naturally and easily.

We discussed the stormy aspects of her emotional landscape and their impact on her overall state of well-being, not to speak of the recipients of this negative force field. Having used meditation and the basic tenets of Buddhist philosophy for decades, I know that one must have tools and use them consistently in order to steer the ship on stormy seas.

I said, "You need to meditate, or at least listen to guided visualizations, read books that inspire, do something to break the cycle of negative thinking."

She said, "I tried all that. It works for one minute and then I'm upset again."

Me: "Have you tried it consistently?"

Silence. After a bit she answered, "No."

And therein lies the problem. One cannot simply take a shot of meditation every so often and expect transformation. The only way to experience a true shift in the zeitgeist called your life is to develop a habit. Daily. Twice daily. As much as required for you to notice a change in thinking, acting, and being for the better.

Thoughts are literally electromagnetic impulses, and these little bundles of power are always charging us up, for better or for worse depending on how they are directed. The electrical generator called the brain begets powerful results but only if it is trained. Otherwise, it runs amok.

Just as the body needs exercise and good food to stay fit, so too does our mind. Developing the habit of meditative awareness brings about a definitive change in the nature of being. And who doesn't want equanimity and peace in their lives?

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