Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lady Luck

Thank goodness for people who clean up old papers. A man stashed his lottery tickets in an unused cookie jar in the kitchen. When his wife got fed up with the clutter and threatened to throw them away, he reluctantly decided to check the numbers. It turns out that he had won ten million dollars in a drawing three months prior - not too late to claim the pot.

And then the guy in Florida who won the lottery twice, each time for millions of dollars. He definitely was on top of his number checking.

I have never heard of a multi-millionaire winning the lottery, except for the guy who won it twice but he doesn't count. Is this because only people with a dim financial outlook beg Lady Luck to save them from poverty? And what kind of karma must one have accrued to not only buy a ticket but check it and find out that it is the one! 

Buddhist scriptures claim that attaining human birth is rare, and that thousands of souls vie for that enviable event. Above and beyond that is precious human birth, when one discovers the dharma (truth) and learns how to behave in a civilized, loving manner.

Since anyone reading this blog has a human body (gorillas have yet to read written English), then logic says that we have all won the big lottery in the sky because we are here, embodied in form. In the cosmic scheme of things, we truly are the big winners, lottery bonanza or not.

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