Friday, December 6, 2013

Madiba's Magic

A great soul has passed on. The world will always remember Nelson Mandela as a man who brought an end to apartheid peacefully, when no one believed it could be done. From prisoner to president, he will remain an inspiration to all cultures and all nations around the world.

In 2009, my husband and I filmed a documentary about him. The titled is Reconciliation: Mandela's Miracle, and it is not we who coined a phrase with the word miracle in it. South Africans themselves called it thus. After 300 years of vicious oppression, the black and colored people of that nation were able to let go of generational torment to allow peace to prevail.

We filmed on Robben Island, where Mandela had been held captive for 27 years. The cell where his transformation occurred, from armed terrorist to consummate mediator, was the last stop on our shoot. As the location was being documented, the Robben Island guide hurried into the area to inform us the ferry back to the mainland was leaving earlier than expected.

Our crew wrapped up quickly and began hoofing a lot of heavy gear back to the dock. The guide, who was an aspiring producer, offered to help the crew. He handed me the keys to the cell where Mandela had lived for several decades, and hurried off carrying bulky camera equipment.

There I stood, alone in the jail that was once a house of horrors, now a museum that kept the cells looking as they did when Mandela was confined. The silence was eery. I wondered why I was there, alone, holding the keys to his former cell. As the moment burned into my brain, a ray of light came through the window, beaming down dead center where Mandela must have sat through the years.

It was only sunlight breaking through the clouds, but somehow these rays illuminating Mandela's cell seemed to come from a divine source. That little cell had suddenly become a sacred spot.

And lest the world forget Madiba's magic, he had one last trick to play. At the world premiere of a feature film about his life, attended by his daughter-ambassadors and the British royal family, the news was delivered that he had passed away during the film.

Segue Mandela's spirit into the light and Mandela's legacy brought to the masses through the light of a projector.

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  1. What a testament to the Healing Power of Light....Gave me chills to read this.....


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