Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Law of Attraction

Yesterday, I was the passenger in a car with a person whose driving record is less than stellar; one more ticket for a moving violation and her license will be suspended for a year. Anyone who knows Los Angeles can well appreciate the horror of this potential fate. Thanks to a gasoline lobby in the 1930's, the Red Line rail system was dismantled and plans for a modernized version were scuttled. Henceforth, Angelenos would have to rely on cars or lousy, inefficient bus routes to traverse the city's long distances.

The speedometer needle kept creeping clockwise until it registered the car hurtling down the freeway 15 miles above the legal speed limit. Thinking ahead to the disastrous consequences should a policeman spot the car, I spoke up in a forceful voice laced with incredulous undertones; the one steering the ship was flaunting the Sword of Damocles!

The driver, not happy with the reprimand of the back seat driver in the front seat, retorted, "Don't put those thoughts out there into the universe, it'll make it more likely to happen."

Her statement was based on a misinterpretation of a popular philosophy called the law of attraction, second cousin to you are what you eat. According to said driver, if my imagination traveled into a future scenario with dire consequences, and I verbalized it, that situation would likely occur.

People often conjure the law of attraction with this type of superstitious or magical thinking, assuming that all one has to do is think-speak and it will be. In reality, the law works when action is figured into the attraction piece as well.

In essence, the law of attraction posits that one may consciously construct positive, desirable outcomes based on visions of abundance -- with congruent follow through in the real world. Or conversely, if the electromagnetic frequencies buzzing through the brain are negative, fearful and full of lack, then that too is what you will resonate into your life and be reflected in your behaviors.

In the mathematics of my mind, verbalizing a negative "what if" scenario actually creates the possibility of a positive "what if" version (slowing down and no ticket) that results in a zero state -- neutral or karma free. And what could be better than a karma free ride?

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