Tuesday, November 19, 2013

France Day 6: Polarity

Georges Braque
Polarity creates a vibration pervading all existence. For example, our Mothership has North and South Poles that orient us up or down or upside down. Male and female create the movement between union and opposition, not to speak of male and female parts in a hardware store. Even our nuts and bolts exhibit this relationship of two-ness.

In a perfect world of governance, the political right and left would differ only in perspective but not in a common unified goal for the good of all. Alas, this is not the case when ego clouds the eyes and false beliefs are fomented, begetting a power struggle that serves no One.

It is theoretically possible for the right and the left to enlighten each other in a delicate ballet of balance. If only our leaders and elected officials understood both poles as part of the same universal creation, our very cells would do the cosmic boogie.

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