Saturday, November 2, 2013

No Design Flaw?!

Four prisoners in an Oklahoma jail escaped last week. They simply lifted the maintenance hatch in the shower ceiling, crawled through a space designed just for that, broke through a cinder block wall like super-heroes, and walked to freedom through an open door in the adjacent room.

A myriad of questions could be raised: how did they figure out what was on the other side of that cement wall? What explains their incredible luck that no one was in the room when the blocks they busted through came tumbling down like the walls of Jericho? And why were there any unlocked doors in a maximum security prison?

The most interesting aspect of this great escape came from the warden, not one of our brightest and best. He said, "...there were no design flaws" in the prison construction. Right. A highly visible hatch to a crawl space above the shower doesn't seem tempting to a prisoner itching for a life not being watched by guys carrying rifles?

The warden's powers of observation epitomize the phenomenon of belief flying in the face of facts. This little problem reminds me of a theological conundrum that has been the subject of debate over the ages. 

If God is omnipotent and all powerful, watching over his creations 24/7, someone please explain why are there wars, murder, thievery, and the worst enemy of all, ignorant ego-centrism. Why did God make lovers AND haters?

Perhaps He didn't catch a design flaw either.

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