Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Governor Chris Christie is a Medium

Despite lap band surgery for weight loss, Governor Chris Christie is not yet a size medium. The kind of medium to which I refer are those who channel the spirits of people "on the other side."

When he made his acceptance speech for re-election last night, Governor Christie stated that his mother was there with him: "I know it, she is right here with me now. I can feel it. She is saying...." and then he went on with blah blah political jargon that I can't remember because it was so canned. He was emphatic that he was hearing his mother and that the words she was uttering through him were "...her message to the people of New Jersey."

Trust me, spirits do not make stump speeches through the loud mouths of their offspring. Even actors accepting the Academy Award don't go as far as repeating lines of dialogue from their deceased mother or father. Although they are more qualified to play a part and utter words not of their own design, none of them have ever exhibited the hubris of Chris Christie tonight in claiming to channel a message from the parent. (However, a common emotional remark from award winners does mention a parent looking down on them.)

Snake oil salesmen disappeared along with the Wild West, only to be re-incarnated a hundred-plus years later in New Jersey, or so it seems. Please, Governor, have some respect for the ones passed on, and don't evoke your dead mother as a rabble-rouser. She has far loftier items on her agenda these days.

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