Saturday, November 23, 2013

France Day 10: Synchrony in the City

A mugger lurks in an alley, sizing up passersby and watching for the perfect victim to appear. He will spring with the agile ferocity of a tiger to snatch his meal ticket; perhaps a purse, wallet, iPhone, briefcase, or any other trappings of value on the unsuspecting person.

A tall, male Olympian athlete will probably be overlooked by an adversary, but what about less formidable  human beings who are not overtly weakened by severe old age or disease?

Apparently, the relationship between the energy wattage and joint mobility of a person has a lot to do with the likelihood of attracting unwanted attention. Those who project vitality and whose joints move like well oiled ball bearings need not have excessive concern. But for the young or old who exhibit vulnerability or walk with a limp, the likelihood of being singled out by a predator rises dramatically.

Being aware of these statistics, but lacking well oiled joints, my tack when walking the streets of Paris or riding the metro late at night is thus: chew gum loudly and obnoxiously. The synchrony of bared teeth snapping rubber, along with a stare that fixes on the stars, is a particularly unappealing sight.

People have much in common with animals so when in doubt, stay with the herd, don't straggle and find the best alpha human, male or female, to stick with. Otherwise, make sure to carry a pack of chewing gum.


 Muggers attach less people with synchrony nad energy. Joints moving.

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