Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Resting Bitch Face

Honestly, I really do like human beings. But time after time, people have told me that their first impression upon meeting me is that I don't like them - or that my unabashed stare is intimidating and uncomfortable.

It is true that when I meet someone, I do search their eyes for who they are. Not to judge them, but simply to know them. If dogs can sniff each others' asses, why can't I lock eyes with a human?

Nonetheless, making other people uncomfortable is not the name of my game, so in order to be more accomdating to the sensitive human soul, something must change.

Could botox or juviderm rid me of those frown lines built up over decades of life on planet earth? No, I tell myself, not my style. Perhaps developing the habit of putting on a saccarine sweet smile when walking around innocuously? No, not a solution. That would make my face muscles quiver after a minute or two.

A friend gave me a better suggestion tonight. She said, "Just tell people it's your resting bitch face."

I like that better. That normal expression is not the real me. It's just "my resting bitch face."

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