Friday, March 20, 2015

The 3AM Wake Up Call

A 3:00AM wake up call means anything from a bodily signal to stumble to the bathroom, to a fire alarm, to a time to get up to catch a morning flight, etc. In my case, it was the elected time to arise and meditate with a small group of people during a solar eclipse in outer space (that took place during ligitimate nighttime on the Pacific coast).

Never mind that one cannot actually see a solar eclipse in the dead of night; as one humanity on one planet, it was visible to at least half the earth. Joining with the collective, at least nighttime meditators could receive and send out energy.

Herein lies the beauty of community. If I had been requested to rise at 3AM at the height of the eclipse and meditate, all alone in the secrecy of my bedroom, in all likelihood I would shine it on. But given a promise to join a small group in my very environs, nothing short of shame and guilt had me popping out of bed at 2:55AM to make it to the meditation room.

Much to my surprise, a palpable excitement filled the room as we all gathered; by the end of the sitting at 6AM, it felt as if I could keep on going. Wide awake and returning to my room, all emails were read and responded to.

Fast forward. I open my eyes and look at the clock. It is 10:35AM. So much for an invigorating post-meditation illusion.

For all those monks, nuns, visionaries, household yogis and anyone else who gets up at the popular 3AM time to commune with the All-That-Is, congratulations. As for me, another eon may dawn before that hour sees me up and at it again.


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