Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fatal Attraction to Self

I was cleaning out my inbox when an email addressed to "me" scrolled into sight. Frequently, I email myself with important reminders; notes on paper or iPhone apps get lost in the cacophony of the daily life.

This particular email was truly odd. All that it said was, "Fatal attraction to self." Somewhat mystifying, this communication! What was I trying to tell myself?

Perhaps it refers to narcissistic behavior or egotistical posturing - always a detriment to happy relationships with others. But to oneself? 

The reality of interdependence yields the clue. If we are inexorably drawn to our small "self" like a moth to the bright flame, then that blind self-involvement wreaks havoc with everyone and everything with whom we come into contact. The blow back in our personal life will isolate us from the kindness of others and lock us in a lonely prison; a life sentence of solitary confinement.

Thus, "fatal attraction to self" must have been a proverbial message in a bottle to me, or a space capsule to be discovered at the right time. Today, self-obsession can be transformed into a self-love that replaces poisonous energy with positive, life-affirming vibrations.

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