Thursday, March 5, 2015

Alone Together

The phrase "alone together" could be construed as an inherent loneliness even in the midst of a crowd of two or more. Yet, it also has other meanings as well.

One might be the fact that we pass through the birth canal alone despite being literally inside another (the mother). A fiercesome and turbulent push from the weightlessness of the womb to a world of gravity, the passage thrusts the newborn into that place where you have to cry in order to have basic needs attended to.

Another might be that we die alone. Granted, the fortunate have loving attendants of various relations who supply the comforts needed for this transition. Nonetheless, one has to die by themselves, the journey uniquely his or hers.

Then the third meaning: alone together encapsulates the entire nature of duality and unity, the illusion that we are separate and the reality of our interdependence. If we can hold that paradox simultaneously, then being "alone together" represents a great achievement of consciousness.

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